TxtOut is an attendance tracking tool that allows employees to notify their employers if they will be late or absent via text message. The dashboard is an efficient way for staffing managers to view employee attendance quickly with by-the-minute updates. It saves them time as they no longer need to manually transcribe voicemail messages into spreadsheets. This also benefits the employees by having a reliable and accurate way of “calling out” without messages getting lost in translation.

Role: UI, Front-End Development, Illustration

Agency: Ignite

The Challenge

After gathering feedback from users, we found out that TxtOut was not as efficient as it could be because it wasn’t fully responsive. Staffing managers could only access limited information from mobile devices. This was an issue for busy managers. The main goal for this new phase of TxtOut was to give staffing recruiters full access of the dashboard information by making the app responsive.

The second challenge was to redesign the app for a more modern design. Since the staffing manager’s daily tasks could get hectic, I wanted to provide a more positive experience with the tool by creating a vibrant, clean design.

As making TxtOut responsive was the highest priority, I took a mobile first approach to establish the new design aesthetic.

Desktop Dashboard

After the aesthetic was approved by the team, I began to design the desktop views.

My main goal was to make the overview information viewable at first glance. The staffing managers would now be able to search and view the results instantly.

I also designed a clean and easy to view table for the employee results.

Admin Views

The views in the Admin section were quite dry and needed elements that would make them as visually interesting as the dashboard. I carried the navigation icon styles into the action buttons for the Adminiations Tools and created a playful illustration to make these views more engaging.