AutoQuotes is a software application that allows its users – mostly those in the food-service industry – to browse through an extensive online catalog and easily create quotes for purchasing new equipment. Their responsive website allows potential customers to more comprehensively understand the product. I spruced it up with some illustrated goodies and a refreshed logo design.

Role: Branding, Web Design, Iconography, Front-End Development

Agency: Station Four

A New Look

Before I began on the site’s design, AutoQuotes wanted a branding refresh. This included a new logo, color palette and some supporting visuals.

Following the concept of a more modern website design, I chose to update their existing color palette to help create a more vibrant and fresh visual experience.

While searching for photography, I focused on gathering images that were related to the food-service industry. These were to be used throughout the site to give the site a more human experience and create a connection between the product and it’s users.

Since the website was going to be rich with informational content, I thought it would be great to create a set of icons that supported the copy and to add a more human element.

The Website

My first step was to create an extensive sitemap followed by wireframes for each page type. This really helped to get a concrete idea of what the expectations were for the new site.

Not only was it essential that the site informed potential clients of their product, AutoQuotes also wanted to make sure that the content really catered to their core audiences. The client was presented with a homepage layout that briefly outlines the unique ways that their product would benefit each customer type.

The design was intentionally created to appeal to potential clients in a professional yet approachable way.

Consistent Design

I carried the icons, photography and bright gradients throughout the website. Each page was created with diverse content in mind. Since the content was extensive, I relied on whitespace and sectioned off panels to assist with readability.

Front-End Development

Since the website was being integrated into a robust CMS, I was in constant communication with the back-end developers to ensure a smooth delivery. With the new site, AutoQuote’s clients will have an engaging experience no matter what device they use.