Geohazards, Inc. is a full service geological and geotechnical engineering firm located in Gainesville, Florida. They are a team of professional engineers and geologists who provide expert solutions and they needed a website that reflected their years of expertise in the industry.

The project started with a very thorough marketing plan. The team worked closely with their marketing consultant and the Director of Business Development to work through their strategy and bring their vision to life. Geohazard’s main goals for the site redesign were to clearly define their services and the industries they cater to, and to engage their audience through their helpful offerings.

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Role: Web Design, Iconography, Front-end Development, Wordpress Integration

Agency: Station Four

First Things First

With such a large website, it was really important for us to have those initial conversations to set expectations from the beginning. The in-depth marketing strategy really helped lay the foundation for the sitemap and wireframe phases of the project.

The website was intended to allow them to capture their audience through customizable call-to-actions for the project tracker and reports, and to provide them several opportunities to view and download valuable resources related to their needs.

Project Tracker

Providing quality service for their clients is very important to Geohazards. In support of this, they wanted us to help them build a visual presentation of their client’s project status. I designed a simple search form and progress diagram with visual elements that were consistent with the site’s new design.

Our awesome team of developers hooked up the tracker to Geohazard’s projects spreadsheet in order to visually provide the project status. Now users are able to enter their project number to view the progress of their project. Once the project is complete, they can download the report.

Rich Content

Providing rich content for their current and potential clients was a big part of Geohazard’s marketing strategy. They wanted to establish their experience and gain the client’s trust by sharing their knowledge and publishing useful articles related to their services. I designed a blog with a few key features that would be effective in creating and managing meaningful content such as featured articles, the ability to filter by topic and related articles per post.

CMS Integration

From the beginning we knew that Geohazards was going to need an easy-to-use CMS to manage their content. Each design decision throughout the project was made with this in mind. Since they had previous experience, I integrated the site I built into WordPress. I set up various reusable page templates and modular sections so that anyone on their team could easily publish new content.