Smith's Farm

The Smith family has been growing broccoli for five generations on their farm in Northern Maine. They’re experts in broccoli (if you grew up on the east coast, you’ve probably eaten Smith’s broccoli), but they also package and deliver several different varieties of produce across the country. They’re a fun bunch of people and they’re passionate about what they do, and they needed a website that reflected that. Working alongside a wonderful copywriter, we brought their vision and personality to life through a bright, bold website.

Role: Web Design, Iconography, Front-End Development

Agency: Station Four

The Goal

The goal was to create a website, that would better communicate their years of experience, services offered, and to have a playful personality through copy. The idea for the design was to create a modern website with an old-fashioned twist. I did this by pairing a contemporary design with retro typography and photo editing. Luckily for me, the Smith’s provided a wealth of high quality photography for me to work. I took advantage of this to design a photography-rich website.


While designing the subpages, I also decided to create a set of rounded icons to go along with the intro content of each page for an added playful visual interest.