Rayonier Seedlings

Rayonier Seedlings produces more than 30 million seedlings annually and replant them on over 2 million acres across the Southeast. They are experts in carefully growing a variety of pine seedlings with strong genetics and have been around for decades.

Their previous website didn’t effectively communicate their expertise and what makes Rayonier Seedlings’ them so unique. So naturally, they were in need of a fresh new website that could grow with them as they expanded the retail portion of their Seedlings division.

Visit the website.

Role: Web Design, Front-End Development, Iconography

Agency: Station Four

The Inspiration

I got to know the client better by reviewing the assets they had provided which included their beautiful photography. Inspired by the photos of their seedlings and facilities, I decided to create a design that would showcase the photos in a way that wouldn’t require a gallery as that wouldn’t be valuable for their clients.

The Outcome

I opted for a more unexpected treatment by pairing them in clusters with the informative content. Visual elements like the wood grain texture, soil backgrounds and the hand-drawn pine seedlings were added to supplement the already natural atmosphere that the use of photography created.

Flexible Design

In order to move quickly, I created repeating modules and page templates to house the content instead of creating a different design for each page. Each page would be unique with the use of photography.

Front-End Development

The unconventional layout made the coding phase a little challenging for this project’s timeline but I was able to complete it in time and make it responsive. Now potential clients can learn about Rayonier Seedlings and contact them to make a purchase from any device.