iMethods is made up of consultants and recruiters who are committed to helping their clients find the right career within the Healthcare and General IT industries. After getting to know them, I found that their site needed to reflect their playful personality and inform their audience how iMethods can help set them on the right track to a successful career. What resulted was a site that allows them to showcase their genuine and friendly team members and presents their content in an easily digestible way.

Role: Web Design, Iconography, Front-End Development

Agency: Station Four

Here's The Story

iMethods was unhappy with the results they were getting from their current site but they liked the site’s aesthetic. We immediately noticed the problem. The content on the homepage didn’t inform users about their services and searching for jobs was buried deep within the navigation. Meaningful content and good navigation are critical to an effective website experience. I worked with our copywriter to help build up their brand identity with personality and to make the site more informative through new content.

At first, the client was happy with the new design as it was more modern and made their services clear. While I was working on additional page designs based on the homepage, the client informed us that the design didn’t feel “right”. Since neither of us could pin down why we missed the mark, our creative director proposed a two hour brainstorming session with iMethods’ founders. Soon after, I headed to their offices along with our creative director and strategist, ready to come up with a new plan.

It didn’t take long to figure out where we went wrong. They’re a genuinely fun group of good people and they needed an equally fun website. They have a people-first culture and are very passionate about their team member’s and client’s happiness and success. While the brainstorming session was informative, getting to know them really informed how I shifted in direction.

People-First Culture

Since it was important for them to build trust and a real connection with their clients, I wanted their “people” page to be more than just their photo, name and job title. They were more than that. They were people that loved their job and loved finding the right job for others.

Each team member got a bio, along with a list of their strengths and some fun facts. They also had the option to include a video testimonial about why they love working at iMethods (they’ve won 13 Best Place to Work awards) because they’re always looking for new talent to join the team. I provided direction for the photography and guided them through the content we needed with a big help from our copywriter.

Playful Icons

For added visual interest, I designed an icon set that made good use of their bright color palette and supported their approachable and vibrant website. These represent their core services and company pages.

Responsive Design

It’s necessary for any modern site to have a great user experience on any device. It’s especially important that iMethods’ users are able to search and apply for jobs wherever they are, no matter what device they’re using.